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About us

Turf Australia is the peak industry body for the turf production industry in Australia and our mission is to support our members and lead a sustainable natural turfgrass industry.

The Industry

The Australian turf industry includes the production and maintenance of grasses used in the development and management of facilities for activities which include sport, landscaping, home gardens and recreational purposes.

The industry involves turf grass production, turf grass maintenance and sales of turf grass, products and services in the domestic and commercial marketplace.

The turf industry contributes substantially to the economic values of property as well as providing considerable environmental, social and personal health benefits to Australian communities.

Production and Maintenance

The Australian Turf Industry is unique in horticulture in that turf growers sell direct to the end-user and, therefore, the entire supply chain is basically ‘on-farm’. As a result, industry research, development and marketing initiatives are dependent on direct and strong grower engagement. The turf industry has two main sectors, being the growing and selling of turf as well as the caring and maintenance of turf.

The two major sectors of production and maintenance work closely in day-to-day business, recognising that the success of one is always dependent upon the success and professionalism of the other. 

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