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Valued at $680

Includes Dethatching and Aeration Machine use up to 200m2.

Personalised 6 month program.

One on one training for usage of Fertilisers, Herbicides and Insecticides.

Tell us in 25 words or less how a Ideal Lawn Services Consultation can transform your lawn or turf facility.

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Inner north Melbourne only, 30kms from Postcode 3756.

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About us

Lawn Care, Aerating,Coring and Dethatching. Trained in Chemical use.

Professional Lawn Mowing

Our Lawn Mowing Services are to suit your Lawn needs and more importantly, your needs.

We offer Rotary and Cylinder Mowing.

Fertiliser Application

We use a large range of Fertilisers so you’ll feel comfortable in knowing we have what your Lawn and Soil needs to be at its healthiest.

Fertiliser Applications come with a free soil test.

We use Proffesional grade fertilisers including the recent rise in Lawnporn products.

Weed Spraying

Selective or Non selective Weed Spraying.

Weather you have weeds in your Lawn or you have growth in unwanted areas, feel comfortable in us as we are fully trained and qualified in the use of Chemicals on Residential properties.

Lawn Coring and Aeration

Aerating and Coring your lawns helps oxygen, water and Fertilisers to get down into the soil and the roots to promote a healthy Lawn.

We own all our equipment to reduce the cost of hiring the machinery.

Lawn Dethatching and Scarifying

Thatch can build up quickly in Warm season grasses, such as Kikuyu, Santa Ana, Tif Tuf and common couch grasses.

The Dead material causes a thick layer in the canopy so Water and Fertilisers can‘t get down deep in your soil.

The Dethatcher has tynes which goes deep into the soil to bring all the thatch out.

Instant Lawn and Transplanting

Your house is your number one investment.

A beautiful Lawn can increase the value of your house immensely.

We perform the ideal Soil prep, source the Ideal Lawn for You Local Lawn, and offer Free advice on your Lawn During establishment.