International lawn day

celebrating the worlds first lawn mower 

International lawn day

celebrating the worlds first lawn mower

2020 Year of the Mower-Celebrating the birth of the modern lawn

Launching our first event in 2020 International Lawn day is inviting all lawn and turf related businesses to participate in the largest lawn and turf promotional event ever seen. Each business that signs on for International Lawn Day will have their business listed as an official partner of International Lawn Day. They will be able to offer exclusive International lawn Day, promotions, discounts and giveaways of their goods and services for the 48 hour event.

International Lawn day is a celebration of everything Lawn. It is commemorated on 31st August each year as this was when Edwin Budding received his patent for the world’s first lawnmower.

From this point in history the modern day lawn was made possible. Throughout the years there have been many advances in lawn mower technology from hand push to petrol and electric however the foundation and structure of the equipment has fundamentally stayed the same.

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